Glasgow has a unique history, and has existed for many centuries. A church was built, then this city started to grow. This city used to just be a small fishing port sitting next to the River Clyde, however Glasgow has obviously since changed rapidly over the years from wars, from being a center of trade, and from becoming a very lively place.
Recently GLASGOW wanted greater autonomy if Scotland voted for independence. Today Glasgow is a vibrant city and when there was a vote for independence for Scotland, Glasgow simply wanted to make sure that it would not lose its competitive advantage to cities in the UK that benefit from special ‘City Deals’. City Deals give cities the powers to make decisions on finance and infrastructure as they see fit. Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield all benefit from self-sustaining investment funds to spend on local priority projects, aimed at reducing dependence on central government grants. Glasgow wanted to retain these special powers if the vote for independence for Scotland was approved by voters. In any case, we love Glasgow and this website is about the people, the lives, the atmosphere, and the smiles of the people of Glasgow. Long live Glasgow Autonomy – a unique city!